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Thyroid Support New Zealand Incorporated is a voluntary organisation established by thyroid patients for thyroid patients, their families and their friends.

The purposes of Thyroid Support New Zealand (TSNZ) are to:

  1. offer support to thyroid patients and their families;
  2. give information and advice to thyroid patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and the general public about thyroid conditions, available treatment options (including potential adverse reactions and side effects) and related matters;
  3. promote public awareness of and interest in thyroid health issues throughout New Zealand;
  4. encourage increased scientific thyroid research and education for the improvement of
    • prevention, treatment and cure of thyroid conditions, and
    • care for and alleviation of suffering of thyroid patients;
  5. provide advocacy on behalf of thyroid patients with the Government, government agencies, and the medical and paramedical profession, including but not limited to
    • achieve registration, funding and subsidising of all treatment options (including medication) required to meet the needs of all thyroid patients, and
    • persuade the medical profession where necessary to rethink their protocol of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of thyroid conditions;
  6. stimulate discussion of thyroid health issues among the members of TSNZ and with other groups with a similar purpose; and
  7. raise funds needed to achieve the stated purposes of TSNZ.

Do you need support or information, or are you interested in becoming a member of Thyroid Support New Zealand?

Please, contact us! You can find our contact details here.

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